A Poem About Loss

Last night, my husband received a call. His grandmother had passed on. He was pretty upset. I know most of us have suffered a loss at some point, and I want you to know that it is okay to grieve. It is okay to be sad or upset for a little while. It’s okay to want to be alone with your thoughts for a short time. You can seek comfort from someone when you’re ready. It takes time to recover from a great sadness, but you will be okay. It may not seem like it at the time, but I promise you will be. So, here is a poem I’ve written off the top of my head. It’s not much, but from past experiences with loss, I’m hoping it will bring comfort to some.

Are You There, Yet?

Are you there, yet?
Have you arrived at your destination?
Did you see the sights?
What about the living arrangements?
Is the scenery as beautiful as you thought?

I will be fine, don’t worry about me.
Write me, if you can.
Call me, if you’re able.
I won’t be able to visit, yet.
My flight isn’t ready.

I’ll be watching the sky,
Waiting for you to pass by.
If I see you, I’ll wave.
I just hope you can see me
Past the clouds of ivory.

I hope the weather doesn’t delay your trip.
I know you’ve been waiting to go for a while.
You knew exactly what you wanted,
Exactly which direction to follow.
I just hope you arrive safely.

But, I know you’re there.
I know about the sights.
I know where you will lay your head.
I know about the scenery,
And how beautiful it will be.

I know you won’t be able to write.
I know you won’t be able to call,
But I will visit, one day.
I will see you again
When my time has come.

God will take care of you.
He will be there.
And I will be waiting for my flight to Heaven
Past those ivory clouds
Where I will see you, again.

While I await my journey,
I can see you smiling down.
I see those golden rays of sun,
And I know you’re watching over me.
Making sure I am safe.

So until we meet again,
Please, have a good time.
You’ve been planning this trip your whole life.
I’ll be here waiting for my flight.
Because I know you’re there, now.

I thought of this poem, quickly, but hopefully it will bring a little comfort to someone who needs it. I’ve lost many people in my short time on this earth, but I rest easy knowing they are in a better place. A place where they aren’t hurting, they aren’t struggling, and they have no worries. I’ll be meeting them one day. And I will ask how they’re permanent vacation is going. I’ll ask if they missed me and I will tell them I surely missed them! I hope you all read this and think about the people you have with you, right now. Tell them you love them. Call them or write them. They will be glad to hear from you!

Rest In Peace, Mrs. Blasa. I’ve only met you a couple of times, but I know you were a sweet, gentle woman.


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