Sick, School, and Spanish: A Love Story

Friday, I knew I was going to be sick. I could feel the pressure in my head and the unproductive cough that was making my throat itchy. It’s that time of year. For the twentieth time. If you don’t know, Mississippi weather goes from spring, to winter, back to spring, to summer, back to winter, tornadoes, fall, spiders, sunny and beautiful, rainy, sacrificing squirrels for water, and back to spring all in three days. The weather is more bipolar than I am. I woke up to a text from my best friend.

“School doesn’t start until 10am because of flooding, today.” She tells me.

So, I’m thinking, “Great, I can go back to sleep and nurture this cold while my other kids are asleep.”

Until, Isaac wakes up for a bottle. Lovely. I could feel my nose running as soon as he started crying. The best part about today? He and Gabriel are also sick. I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking them to the doctor if they are even open. The bad thing about living in a small town is that if the schools are delayed, everything else is probably also delayed or closed. Journey was right about one thing, a small-town girl can definitely live in a lonely world. It’s terrible to drive fifteen minutes and waste $1.50 in gas to get a $0.99 fountain drink. It’s not like they’re even that good. They could at least put some gold flakes in there.

So, I’m coughing, Isaac is coughing, and Gabe is coughing. I’m hoping Bella doesn’t get sick. Well, she probably does. I have never seen a child hate school as much as she does. I guess I can’t blame her. All that coloring, playing at recess, snack time, ABC’s, and that darn story time can wear out a person. Kindergarten is just hard! I thought I had it rough.

I am definitely hoping school is cancelled. I doubt many kids show up today. It’s not a big school, at all, so if a hundred children are absent, I don’t see why they would continue classes. I went to the same school as a kid and I remember having to go on a snow day, once. They knew it would snow, but it was mandatory for us to show up. It’s not like it mattered, we were able to go home in less than two hours. What a waste of time. I had Spanish class, first period, anyway. The only thing I learned that day was that I will never watch Selena, again. Dillon was in my class, too, but he loves Selena. I’m not sure if all Hispanics love her or it’s just him.

I also remember someone throwing snowballs at our assistant principal. “Take that! I bet next time you’ll think twice about making us learn on a day when the weather is slightly abnormal for our part of the country!” Good times.

It’s kind of funny. Dillon is Mexican, yet he almost failed Spanish. I, the whitest person you may know, had a better grade than he did. I think part of that was him hiding in the book closet, the entire class period. Oh, and stealing pencils from my backpack. (He was either flirting or he was just in bad need of a writing tool. Most likely, it was the latter.) It’s not like our teacher really cared, anyway. She left us with a substitute, most of the time. He was just the bus driver. If sleeping is part of the job description, sign me right the heck up! I could be a substitute for that school.

The teachers are a little better, nowadays. More strict, I believe. When I was in school, anybody could just walk in and out of the buildings at any time. Now, there are police that sit in the parking lot and to get in the building, you have to push a button on a speaker. I almost expected it to be like the Wizard of Oz when they arrived at Emerald City. I want to tell them I am there to see the wizard. Then, I would laugh and laugh until I’m in handcuffs. So serious, these people.

So, yes, I can tell today is going to be fun. I’ll probably get to drive through a new river to get to the doctor’s office. Let’s see how my anxiety feels about that…

Yep, my anxiety is getting anxiety. I’ll just listen to some music to calm my nerves.

J Balvin, sing my anxiety away. You always know what to say, even if it is in Spanish and I can’t understand some of the words. The only Spanish I am fluent in, is Spanish words for food. No kidding, if I am listening to a Spanish song (I love Reggaeton) and they say the word fresa, I am all over it. “Strawberry! He said strawberry!” I announce to my face-palming husband. I have been trying for at least three years to learn Spanish. I know a good bit, but between the several meanings for one word and several words for one meaning, I am getting confused. Hey, I can’t focus! I’m often asking my sister-in-law for help. Dillon’s no help. He won’t speak Spanish, no matter how hard I try to get him to. I am excited about being able to understand the jist of what my mother and father-in-law are saying. It is definitely easier when they throw a few English words in there. Spanglish, I believe it’s called.

Well, I guess I will end my rambling for today. It’s good to let out my thoughts, every once in a while. Even if they are scattered. Any suggestions for future posts are very welcome! I’m not running out of ideas or anything. *nervous shuffling* Even if I can’t think of an anxiety-related post, I will keep the content going, if I can help it!

Te amo! (That means “love you” in Spanish. See? I am learning!)


P.S: I have Snapchat! Join me in my adventures! jokerette091


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