Anxiously Trying to Lose Weight?

A new year has started! You’ve got every part of your mind set on losing weight for this “new year, new me” trend. You’ve got your new work out clothes, a shiny new scale, some healthy foods, and new running shoes. All that’s left to do is exercise!

But, you’ll start that tomorrow.

Tomorrow arrives, time to get going!

Well, the kids want some cookies, today. Maybe it’ll be better to start the next day. Can’t be on a diet while eating cookies, can you?

You eventually get to the point where all that money is spent on your equipment and clothes, but you just can’t find the motivation to get going. That, or you’ve exercised for a week and just stopped. If that is the case, then you are like me.

It’s so hard to stay motivated to lose weight. I mean, it doesn’t happen over night. It takes time and patience. A lot of time and patience.

There may be a few or several things keeping you discouraged. Anxiety was one of my main reasons. I felt like I was going no where with my progress. Sure, I had lost a couple of pounds, but I wanted results right then. I knew better, though. Just because I wanted it to happen quick, I knew that just wasn’t how it works. Thus, my patience and motivation had vanished. My depression and stress were also the reason I had gained weight. It can add the pounds and prevent you from losing it. I’ll say what we’re all thinking: It sucks!

I probably will attempt to exercise again, soon. In the mean time, I’m going gather some tips to help me. If you’re looking to lose weight, please feel free to try these tips with me! Here’s what I’m going to try:

  • Watching motivational videos. I know it’s hard to stop watching Youtube once you start, that’s why I want to say to only watch them in the evening when you are done with your day. Take a few minutes and watch one video each night or, if you have some control over the amount of videos you watch, watch one before you begin your day. I love watching Scola Dondo. She has so wonderful videos including, but not limited to; exercises, motivation, products to try, information about your body when you exercise, and more!
  • Hang stuff on your wall. If you’ve got the wall space, hang up some inspirational quotes, an exercise schedule, reward charts, recipes to try, motivational pictures, or you can buy an article of clothing in the size you want to fit in and hang that up! I actually had a size small t-shirt that I hung up, once. Pretty sure it’s lost in the closet, by now, but I would like to do this again!
  • Find a workout buddy. Maybe you don’t want to go on this journey alone. That’s okay! Convince your spouse, a friend, a sibling, or even join someone at the gym. Some gyms even have clubs that you can get a membership for. They have nutrition and exercise plans for you to look into, also.
  • Set small goals. We all want to see that big change in numbers, but the larger the goal, the longer the time it takes. If you’re aiming to lose a large amount, set a goal to lose a smaller amount each week or every couple of weeks. It can be one pound a week or ten pounds a month. For each small goal you achieve, reward yourself! Did you lose that ten pounds? Get your nails done! Lose five? Let yourself have a small chocolate bar! With this reward system, you can stay motivated enough to reach your ultimate goal!
  • Don’t think of it as discipline. You are not exercising to punish your body! If anything, it’s more like a gift from you to you. You’re making yourself feel better. I think that’s a reward to be proud of!

Weight loss is an incredibly difficult challenge for some. I know it is for me. I have tried and failed many times. A lot of us do, actually. That doesn’t mean you should quit! Think of the benefits of exercise. It can help with mental and some physical disorders. While I did exercise, I could tell the difference in my mood. I felt better about myself, I had more energy. There were just so many things I could tell were getting better while I was only walking thirty minutes a day!

It will feel even better to know you achieved a great goal!

Remember, you can do it!

Love you!



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