When You’re About to Lose Your Religion

Oh, man. There were so many times I felt like I was about lose my freaking head.

The other day, being one of those times.

Front view of a Walmart supercentre store exterior sign logo Ontario Canada  KATHY DEWITT. Image shot 05/2012. Exact date unknown.
Wal-Mart: The place where low prices and attitude come together.

I was browsing the baby section for diapers at Wal-Mart. You’d think there would be some happy parents in that aisle, cooing their children and other people’s children. Not this lady. Nope, she had her two kids in tow, but didn’t seem too happy about it, at all. I normally hate to talk about folks, because I don’t know them. I don’t know their story or the reason they are like this, but this lady made me angry.

I had Bella and Gabe with me (I left the baby with Dillon, because it’s hard enough going places with two). If you have a three year old (especially a boy), you would know they are rambunctious. They don’t stay in one place. So, I was browsing prices when Gabe stopped and stood in the middle of the aisle. I didn’t think much about it. I figured he was staring at the price checker thingy. He really wasn’t taking up the entire aisle, either. He was close to me.

I didn’t see even the Queen of Wal-Mart until I turned to look at Gabe. He was watching her and smiling, like he does to everyone. She was giving my son the most hateful glare I had ever seen and tapping her foot, waiting for him to move. I am usually a smart-ass about these sort of things, and would have let him stand there for a few more minutes, but I am trying so hard to be a better person. I gently grabbed his hand and told him to move so the “nice” lady could get by.

Do you know what she did? Now, I told you he wasn’t even taking up the whole section. She could have went around him. When he moved, she snatched her shopping cart forward, huffing and puffing, making it clear that she ran this place and no three year old kid would get in her way. I was madder than a wet hen. Words almost flew out of my mouth.

Until her cart got stuck.

I knew that made her even angrier, because I have had carts get stuck and drag imaginary objects on the floor, before. I didn’t even care if she was mad. I laughed out loud at her, took my son, and left, still laughing.

It’s people like that, who make it impossible to enjoy simple shopping trips. I know I’m a hypocrite for saying this, but you can’t let them get to you. It will come back on them, just like it did the Queen of Wal-Mart.

I say I’m a hypocrite because I have an extremely short temper. Especially, when you’re being hateful towards my kids. Lord have mercy on the person who ever lays a hand on my babies. I don’t know if it’s my anxiety or my genes. Probably both.

My anxiety has made it difficult to keep my mouth shut. I’ve had people ask me for money and the expression on my face goes from kind and caring to “who the hell do you think I am, a bank?” in half a second. My exact words have been, “Why the hell are you asking me?”

I don’t mind helping people in need, but these are folks who take my money and buy alcohol or some other useless junk. They are perfectly capable of working, but they choose to continue living as a lazy bum.

I will work on my temper, though. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Love you!




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