Are Miracle Cures a Fantasy? (Also, Announcement)

You’ve heard all the advertisements.

“Defeat anxiety and depression in just two minutes!”
“No more anxiety attacks with this one, simple method!”
“For a small fee, we can exorcise the stress demon right out of you!”

Yeah, that last one was made up, but you get what I’m saying. These programs and books promise a quick way to cure even the most severe anxiety. For a fee, of course. So, the first question is: Why are we getting sucked into these?

I’m not an expert on the human mind, but I think it’s quite obvious. We are desperate. There was a time I was willing to try anything. My anxiety had gotten so bad I almost wanted to believe these programs actually worked.

I watched the introduction video thinking, “Wait, this seems legit. This woman is a stay at home mom, like me. And it’s free?” The woman who shared her story was similar to me. She described her symptoms like anyone with anxiety would. I even saw a tear or two! It was almost too good to be true!

And it was.

After the video, she promised she would share this one-time technique she used to overcome anxiety in a very short amount of time, but only after I shared my credit card information. Her sadness disappeared while she asked for it.

If our problems are bad enough, we are willing to try anything, and I mean anything, just to find relief. We want to take the easiest possible route to cure our ailments. And it’s not just mental illness, it can even be physical sickness that we’re trying to cure.

I just so happened to be browsing techniques to calm a panic attack to share in today’s post, and I was shocked. I changed today’s topic because my heart felt so heavy. There are people who see no problem in scamming the severely depression and desperate. I actually wanted to cry. These programs take advantage in our suffering, to put it simply.

So, is there really no hope? While that is definitely not the case, you can’t expect to just fix your mental health, overnight. It takes time. If it were that easy, we wouldn’t still be suffering. There are still thousands, if not millions, out there trying to seek that miracle cure.

Now, I think there are programs that do work, but as I said, it’s going to take time. As much as I hate to say it, there is work to be put in. Weeks, months, even years, for some. These are the programs that don’t promise a “quick solution”.

If you want to try some of these programs that seem legit, please, do your research! Don’t click on the first ad you see! Find forums or real reviews from real people, first. I strongly suggest professional help, though, if it’s an option for you.

I admire those of you who were able to conquer your mental instability. Way to go! I am really happy for you, if you have! You’ve managed to do something I’m struggling to do! If it claims to take less time to cure an entire illness than it does to get out of bed, I’ve got bad news for ya.

Of course, it takes me, at least, twenty minutes to get out of bed.


Small Announcement Time!

“Tales of a Hypochondriac” is centered around anxiety and depression. I genuinely enjoy writing about it and communicating with others like me. But, and it’s a small “but”, I want to try something new on Sundays. Something that always cheers me up and gives me a good laugh, when I need it, is funny product reviews. There’s nothing like finding hilarious reactions when they eat weird stuff. I’d like to try my hand at reviewing food, products, maybe even a game or movie. Anxiety and depression is serious topic, but I want to give you all a break from the seriousness. I love you all and I want to make people smile when they read my blog. I said before, I’m nervous when it comes to trying new things, so in a way, it’s still about anxiety. Let’s call it “facing my fears”. The best part? I forced talked my husband, Dillon, into trying these products with me!

I don’t want to take anymore of your time, so I won’t go into anymore detail, unless you want to leave a comment to learn more. I plan to start tomorrow!

Anything for my people! Even at my expense! What do you guys think about this? Your opinions matter to me!

*more awkward laughter* I’m terrified.

Love you!



2 thoughts on “Are Miracle Cures a Fantasy? (Also, Announcement)

  1. Nice post. It is really unfortunate that various businesses are making money off of peoples’ struggles and depression. You’re right, nothing ever changes overnight and I think people have become more and more impatient. Change can happen but it takes time. Thank you for writing about this. I wish you the best


    1. Yes, I see it all the time. We get impatient and what a solution right then, but it just doesn’t work that way! I think it’s better to go at a steady pace than to try to jump into something. Thank you so much for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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