The Hypochondriac (and Dillon) Try El Sabroso Guacachips

Well, Cinco de Mayo has come and gone. We all know it’s a celebration for Mexican independence. A holiday where we can adopt a little bit of another culture if only for a day. We celebrate by decorating our dining rooms in our hand-made banners, table cloths, and other trinkets. We buy ingredients for an authentic Mexican cuisine and explore Pinterest for creative ideas and recipes. It’s a fun time where family comes together.

Unless you just celebrate by getting stupid drunk.

That is my kind of holiday.

But, aside from throwing back a few Coronas, I bought a bag of Guacachips. I love chips and guac. However, I have never tried chips with guacamole made into them. Now, I don’t have to fumble with a giant tub of dip when I want to enjoy a little flavor with my chips when I drive. Such innovation and convenience!

You can now buy air!

Dillon opened the bag (almost spilling them everywhere) and, not surprisingly, the bag is 75% air. Come one, guys. What sort of cruel joke is this? I expected this from Lays, not you.

I took a quick sniff of one of the chips (because I always smell my food before I eat it) and I am not excited. The best I can describe this smell would be that it smells like an unoccupied shelf. One that has not seen the light of day for around seven years. The store we bought these from is kind of old, so I don’t know if the chips were just sitting there a while or what.




What I say, before: “Guacamole, don’t let me down.”

What Dillon says, before: “I don’t like guacamole. These are going to be nasty, either way.”

Dillon, learn another word besides “nasty”.

My fear factor: Meh. I’m only going to be disappointed if they do not taste like actual guacamole.

Crunch time!


Me: I am pleasantly surprised. They are great! If you have ever eaten Doritos, after you ate a small spoonful of avocado, you have eaten these. The guacamole is there, but it’s a little underwhelming. Salty guacamole aftertaste, really. It’s more like going to a concert and waiting for the bad songs to play before they end it with the good ones. Is it really that hard to incorporate something as wonderful as guac into the chip? I don’t know, but I’m still eating them as I type this. Just like eating Doritos, to me. Actually, after I’ve eaten a few more, I have decided that they are exactly like Doritos. A weird tasting Dorito. I rate them a 7/10. I made a mistake and licked the guac dust off the actual chip. Terribly salty. Amazingly, the dust tastes nothing like Dorito dust, by itself.

Dillon: “Better than I thought they would be. They taste like Doritos. Better than anything we’ve eaten so far.” Thank you for that thorough description, Dillon. He loves Doritos, so he says these aren’t bad at all. He said they are not better than the nacho cheese corn chips he knows and loves, though. How he can tell a lot of difference in them, I’ll never know. He also rated these a 7/10. I also get this weird vibe that he doesn’t enjoy doing these test-tastings. Must be my imagination.

My conclusion? Do you like Doritos? Do you like green chips? Well, you’ll like these! Not really much else I can say, other than don’t lick the dust. Kind of disappointed that I couldn’t taste a lot of guacamole.

Also, new drinking game: Take a shot every time you see the word “guacamole”or “Doritos”.

Love you!


Got any suggestions? Leave them in the comments!


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