Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is Not Just Being a “Neat Freak”

Dillon and I were going through my son’s clothes, Sunday evening. I knew for a fact that there were shirts and pants that were too little, stained, or just needed to be threw out. We did manage to load a garbage bag full of clothes. When we finished, I looked at the bag of clothes and thought, “I don’t really know if I feel comfortable throwing them away, like that. Someone could use the ones that are too little.” It wasn’t just the small clothes, though. I even had a hard time getting rid of the stained clothes.

I realized, then, that I had this one similar thought to someone who would have OCD.

Then, I went here and learned a bit more about this disorder.

Apparently, I have a lot of these obsessives and compulsions.

I always thought OCD was just being overly neat and organized. Now, I know it’s so much more than that. There are obsessions and compulsions.

To put it simply, obsessions are weird thoughts that stress you out. Compulsions are just things you do to attempt to get rid of the thoughts or stress.

I’m not saying I have OCD, but I do have a few of the same behaviors. The site I mentioned has examples of these two elements of OCD. I don’t like to throw things away (obsession) so, I tend to keep (or hoard) things (compulsion).

Another example is that I feel uncomfortable when one of my hands get wet and the other doesn’t (obsession) so, I have to wet the other one even if I’ve already turned the faucet off (compulsion). It might sound weird if you think about it. It doesn’t freak me out to the point that it’s ruining my life, but I consider it a strange habit. That’s why I say I don’t think I would be diagnosed with OCD, but, rather, I share some behaviors.

As far as obsessions go, being obsessed with something is not the same thing. I am currently obsessed with a gingerbread latte fragrant lotion. I mean, come on, I smell amazing. However, I am not so obsessed that I can’t do my daily activities.

So, I guess it isn’t just being a neat freak. Heck, you can have OCD and be a hoarder. This just goes to show how much you really don’t know unless you do your research.

OCD is a form of anxiety. (Thank you, captain obvious.) It can be treated with several types of therapy or medication. Maybe, even both.

I still haven’t finished going through my children’s clothes. It’s really not that I want to keep them, it’s just that I feel like someone would need them in the future. They never do, because I don’t know anyone with children that age that need them, but it still bothers me. I guess I could donate them.

Sorry, if I’m all over the place. I am still sick and I think it’s only getting worse. Doctor said it was allergies. Of course, it is.

I still smell beautiful.

Love you!


All information is from the International OCD Foundation. For more about this mental illness, visit their website.


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