“I Wear My Sunglasses at Night”

I don’t really talk about song meanings or why they’re written or anything, but after thinking some more, I kind of wanted to try to give my take on this song.

My Spotify (and all it’s deceiving glory) played this song, while on shuffle.

Now, I was not born in the 80s, nor do I pretend to be, but I have to have respect for that decade. Well, for the music, anyway. Sorry, parachute pants.

Music from the 80s is something I do enjoy. There are a few songs that make me wonder what the heck was going on, back then. “Sunglasses at Night” by Corey Hart being one of those songs.

As I listened to the lyrics, it started to come together. Jumbled and out of order, but I was starting to put together my own meaning.

It’s a little hard to explain, so bear with me, but I’ll try my best. Just like my Spotify, I believe this song is about deception, in different ways. When he says, “I wear my sunglasses at night”, I think he’s trying to hide the fact that he can see everything happening. He can see her being unfaithful, but she doesn’t know he can see her. Of course, I mean this is a metaphor. He doesn’t physically see her with another man (that would be awkward), but instead, he can see the evidence. He just knows she’s lying to him.

I also think the sunglasses hide his insecurities. Because she is being unfaithful, that makes him lose his self confidence. Hence, the reason for the lyrics “While she’s deceiving me, it cuts my insecurities”.

There’s also the lyrics, “Don’t switch the blade on the guy with the shades”. To me, this seems like he’s saying, “Don’t stab me in the back, because I can see you do it.” or “Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t, because I know who you really are.”

That’s just what I got from some of the lyrics and you may get another idea from it, but it’s an interesting song that does make you think.


Whether it’s hiding your emotions, hiding your knowledge, or hiding secrets, it’s a common occurrence. What does it have to do with mental illness?

Oh, I can think of some things. Anxiety has taught me to watch people. I watch what they say and do, and I learn from it. I have learned how to deceive. I choose not to do it, though. Well, unless Dillon asks me if I’ve had too much to drink. In which, I reply with something along the lines of, “O’ course not! I don’t eve-hic-n drink! That’s just plain non-burp-sense!”

You get it, but yes, hiding our emotions is something we do, a lot.

Some people also know what goes on with others, but choose to stay silent.

But hey, this is just what I think.

Who has a favorite 80s song?

Love you!

Credit to my lovely sister, Madison, for being my model in my featured image.


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