The Hypochondriac (and Madison) Try Japanese Kit-Kats: Sake Flavored

Well, it’s currently in the a.m. I already drank a bit last night, so I’m ready for more. What better way to ruin your day than by mixing alcohol and chocolate? I bought these on Amazon about a month ago, and they finally arrived on Friday. In case you didn’t see the title of this post it is sake flavored Kit-Kats. As if Kit-Kats couldn’t get any better, they had to go and put alcohol in them. Now, I did read up that they, in fact, do have alcohol, so I’ll not be giving these to my children.

Dillon won’t be joining me, as he is tending to a gash on his forehead (when you get in a fight with the bathtub and it wins), but my sister, Madison will be my guest for the day.20170528_093343

The packaging is in Japanese. I am not fluent in Japanese, so I have no idea what it says.

I have never tried sake. All I know is that it gets you drunk. I’m down. Kit-kats are amazing. Also, down for that. So, let’s open these suckers and take a quick sniff.

I opened the bag and I can smell the stench of beautiful fermentation. This is going to be fun.

What I think: Oh, I’m going to enjoy this. I’m not sure if the taste is going to be as strong as the smell, but I guess we will see. I’ll just pretend I’m at a drunk sleepover. I can hear them taunting me.

What Madison thinks: “Well, I don’t think it’s gonna taste like alcohol. It might just taste like a regular white chocolate Kit-Kat.”

Better at explanation than Dillon, don’t you guys think?

My fear factor: I just hope I’m not allergic to sake. I also hope I don’t get addicted to these.

Time to “break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar”!

Not as crunchy as I thought. (Forgive my ugly fingers.)

Me: I had to stop myself. I ate three of them. They are so good. I opened the individually wrapped candy and the smell was that of a drunk Willy Wonka. The taste of the actual sake was pretty subtle. It was more like taking a drink of a flowery or fruity wine and waiting thirty minutes before eating a Kit-Kat. To me, it was a good balance of sake and white chocolate. They come in twos, but I guess they have a disdain for each other, since none of them were actually together. I didn’t have to do any work breaking them apart. I rate them 8/10 because this gave me an excuse to consume alcohol and chocolate early this morning.

Madison: “The taste was not too different from a regular Kit-Kat. The smell is stronger than the taste. There’s more of a strong after-taste. There should be a Bacardi version.” Madison also ate more than one. What can I say? We are related. “Heck, yeah, I rate this an 8/10.”

Also, she is more thorough with her reviews than Dillon and I appreciate that.

My conclusion? This marriage of alcohol and candy is wonderful. I would go to that wedding, sign the guest book, buy a decent gift, cry on the front pew, and hug the bride and groom after the wedding. It was that great. However, I would not give these out for Halloween. Well, I would get them for Halloween. If I was the only trick-or-treater. If you don’t like chocolate, there is sake. Don’t like sake? There’s chocolate. Don’t like either? Well, I’m sorry.

Someone, help me before I become a Kit-Katiholic.

Love you!

Got any suggestions? Leave them in the comments!

Disclaimer: Use alcohol with caution. Please, don’t buy unless you’re at the legal drinking age.



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