Symptom Poetry: Fatigue

I’m tired.
Lack of sleep?
Overactive mind?
I’m tired.
So, tired.
My body can’t keep going.
I’m exhausted.
I shake off the fear.
I shake so much
And it’s close to running.
I’m tired from running.
Exhaustion has overcome me.
I can’t keep up.
This fatigue is smothering me.
I can’t breathe with my face in the pillow.
I don’t live in the moment.
I survive through the day
Only to wait for night to arrive.
And I finally sleep.
But only after the latest hour.
Morning comes, all too suddenly.
I wake, tired.
My energy is no more.
I’m unreliable.
Because I’m tired.
Oh, years of sleep
How I miss you.
When my slumber was undisturbed.
What is a burst of awareness,
If it is false?
Adrenaline keeps the yawns at bay.
Only for them to return, shortly.
I have so many tasks, incomplete.
Because this is my tired.
This is my fatigue.
This is my anxiety.

Love you!

This is a new mini-series, inspired by the many symptoms of my anxiety. What better way to express my disdain than by free-verse poetry?


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