The Hypochondriac Tries Wal-Mart Produce Snacks: Crunchy Dried Okra

If you have never heard of okra, I am sorry to hear that. Here, we eat fried okra, okra in butterbeans (or lima beans), boiled okra, okra in vegetable soup, and my favorite: pickled okra. Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

“But, Courtney, if you already tried okra, why are you doing this post about it?”

Well, my friend, I have eaten this vegetable in a lot of ways, but I have never eaten dried okra. I shook the plastic container. They are definitely dry. Looking at them, though, they seem similar to freshly picked okra, except maybe slightly darker in color.

I just tore the lid off to take a quick sniff and I am a little bit disappointed. Now, if I am in the mood for some boring old Lay’s chips, I would be indifferent. These smell exactly like flavorless, original Lay’s potato chips. Picking one up, I shook it and was not surprised when I heard the rattling sound of the dry seeds. I also picked up one of the broken ones. It looks pretty sharp and dangerous. I can probably hold someone hostage with one of these things.

I should have, because no one wants to be my guest for this week’s “The Hypochondriac Tries…”. I’m in this alone, but not to worry! Even if I have to jump in by myself, I will do this for you guys!

Maybe, it was because Dillon doesn’t like vegetables, but he managed to run off with his dad before I could shove one in his mouth. Sneaky booger.

Anyway, they feel sort of like a cheap mix of really thin wood and plastic. My fingers are, oddly, sticky after putting them down to type this.

At least, they are healthy.

What I think: I’m a little skeptical that these will taste how they smell, but how much more tasteless can they be? It’s okra. You can’t get much more flavorless than this. What I’m hoping for, though, is that they taste a little like Lay’s, at least. The ingredients include canola oil, sea salt, and okra, of course. Simple. I am hoping for simplicity and Lay’s.

My fear factor: Though I am not afraid of the taste, there is one thing that really bothers me when I eat okra: the splinters. I’m not sure if they are called splinters, stalks, knives, splint-kras, but I do know that every time I eat it, I managed to choke on the small, stick-like part of it. I always feel like I ate a large bowl of freshly cut branches. Especially, when they’re fried.

Man, I’m gonna need some band-aids and Orajel.

Let’s get stabbed with splinters!


After eating: I could eat these. They are pleasantly crunchy. I did figure out why my fingers had a slight residue on them, though. When you boil okra, it comes out slimy. I don’t mean just a little moist, either. I mean, it’s like taking 100 large slugs, putting them in a pot of vegetable oil, and throwing in some of that slime that the kids play with, nowadays. It’s that slimy. These aren’t as bad, but when you chew them up, you can definitely tell it’s okra. They tasted like boiled okra, too. I was surprised they weren’t as salty as I would have hoped. The best part? No splinters! I am happy with that, alone, to be honest. I rate Crunchy Dried Okra a 6/10. They are not Lay’s. Would be better with more salt.

Too bad I couldn’t torture Dillon with dried vegetables, though.

My conclusion? If you like okra, you would like these. No splinters, easy to bite into, and there is no overwhelming veggie taste. Quite pleasant. If you enjoy salty snacks, I would recommend adding a little more salt.

Mmm, salt.

Love you!

Got any suggestions? Leave them in the comments!


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