Can Mental Health Affect Our Goals?

No, I don’t mean “relationship goals” or “squad goals”. I mean actual achievements that we want to make.

Why do we set goals? Well, in the dictionary, it says a goal is “the object of a person’s ambition”. I think each of us has a goal or has had a goal at some point. It could be a small one or an ultimate goal. Maybe you aim to lose a few pounds, quit drinking, or have a successful career in acting.

Whether we set small or large goals, is it possible that our mental health can affect our motivation to reach them?

Yes. It can.

Our anxiety and depression greatly affects the way we execute our aim. I have tried to lose weight several times, but my depression managed to mess that up. My goals are still there, but at the moment, are collecting dust. All I can do is pick them back up and try again, if I really want to succeed. I like to think of my goals as simple. I want to lose weight, quit smoking, and build a Zen garden. They probably aren’t the most complex like getting your PhD, but they are my goals, even if they are small.

It’s not to say I don’t have larger goals. One of my biggest targets is to end my anxiety and depression. The irony is that my anxiety and depression is keeping me from ending my anxiety and depression.

I have found that setting smaller, more realistic goals are a good way to achieve a main goal.

  • Trying to lose weight? Don’t look to losing all fifty pounds. Try losing five in two or three weeks.
  • Trying to quit smoking? Don’t aim directly for quitting all at once. Aim for smoking a little less every day.
  • Get a college degree? Don’t look at all your assignments as a whole. Take it one day at a time.
  • Ending your mental illness? Don’t tackle your entire plan. Focus on one step then the next.
  • Want your business to be a success? Don’t focus on blowing up your popularity. Tend to one consumer at a time.

It’s like eating a pizza. You can’t eat it all in one bite. One slice at a time, if you can finish a whole pizza. And that may be one of your goals. Go for it.

If you let your mind tell you “you can’t”, you never will.

I am now hungry for pizza.

Love you!


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