Slow Internet, Slow Mind

For the past couple of days, my internet connection has been awfully slow. It seems like it’s taking five minutes for a web page to load, completely. Dillon and I can barely watch Law and Order on Hulu because it buffers every two minutes.

A few minutes ago, I was pretty aggravated with it, as I was trying to research for future topics. Looking for a solution, I realized the problem: There are too many electronics hooked up to the Wi-Fi. Not only is the computer connected, but the cell phones, the Playstation and the kids’ tablets are also using it.

You know I have a talent for comparing anxiety to anything.

Anxiety and my internet connection are the same. The internet, being my mind and all of these electronics as individual causes for anxiety.

Now, the solution to a slow connection may be easy enough, right? Just disconnect a few things, but what if you couldn’t do that? Imagine there being more to it than that. If each electronic had its own procedure and steps to disconnect, it would be a lot more difficult. You would probably spend hours just trying to turn off one cell phone.

Same with an anxious mind. There are so many things that might be causing your anxiety, and each is different. It may take several steps and so much time to figure it out, too.

All of these connections are slowing you down. Your mind is having trouble processing all of them, at once, and it’s taking longer to load up your thoughts, download information, and store memory.

See how I made that comparison? I told you, I was talented. Someone, give me a medal. The “Comparison Award”.

Anyway, it’s hard to disconnect everything at the same time. Unless you have seven hands and the ability to focus on several things at once, it’s actually impossible.

What do you do?

You do one thing at a time. You disconnect the most difficult electronic, first. Oh, what do you know? The internet became a little bit faster!

Each electronic gets disconnected, one by one, each time, getting a little bit faster until you finally disconnect all of them. The internet is back, yay!

How do I compare that to an anxiety solution? Well, while it takes more time and effort to disconnect, or solve, a problem in our head, doing it one at a time can take a lot of weight off our shoulders. It’ll take more patience, but if you focus on one problem and not all of them, it will work.

Which one is giving you the most anxiety?

Keep your attention on that one, until you get a solution or learn to manage it.

Is it disconnected or managed? Move on to the next.

Each one will clear your mind a little more, until you eventually have a normal speed, again.

So, while my internet connection is still slow, I know what the problem is, and while I wish I could disconnect every tablet, phone, and console at once, I don’t have enough hands.

Now, I just have to get my kids and Dillon to play outside so I can disconnect everything.

Hooray, for fast internet!

Love you!


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