Symptom Poetry: Body Aches

I lie in bed.
I worry about the little things.
Things that do not matter to others
And I can feel the pain.
Not just emotional pain
But physical pain in my body.
I ache.
I ache in my arms.
I ache in my legs.
I ache in my neck.
I ache in my shoulders.
Could it be serious?
Could it be deadly?
Or is my mind playing tricks, again?
The aches have aches.
My body cannot take anymore.
Should I take a walk?
Should I take a pill?
It hurts.
My thoughts are racing
Trying to find a reason for the pain.
I move slowly
My anxiety is worse, now.
As are the aches.
From the top of my crown,
To the tip of my toes.
I feel bruises
That aren’t there.
I feel breaks
That are still together.
I feel overstretched muscles
That aren’t even taut.
I feel the aches.
I feel the pains.
And they have no origin
But my thoughts
That bring them.
My body hurts
This is my anxiety.

Love you!


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