Detective Work: Too Much “Law and Order”

My cell phone was stolen right from under my nose.

Tuesday morning, I woke up a little later than I usually do. This was around 8:30am. My phone was missing. Dillon had told me he had it in his hand that morning and set it right beside our bed, inches away from me. My bedroom door was also wide open when I opened my eyes. I know it was stolen, because it was used later that day and the tracker on the phone said the location was in the next town over.

We did everything we could to try and locate it. The county police were called, the city police (this city is in the county right next to us), and we even called our service provider several times to try and locate it.

Now, I know this seems like a lot of trouble for a phone, and I wouldn’t have bothered if it was just a cheap one, but this is over $700 we’re talking about.

I did my own detective work (because if you binge watch Law and Order, this tends to happen). Since a lot of junkies are in my family, I thought of every person it could have possibly been. There is only one person I know that would just come into someone’s house, unannounced, and steal from them.

We usually would have a security camera running, (yes, our problem is that bad) but it had came unplugged. Even though I can’t prove it yet, I still have several clues that point to this person. One being, they called a family friend and told him they had something for him. To sell, I would imagine. So, unless a complete stranger came into my house and took it (which is highly unlikely where I live), this person had to have done it. They have a history of stealing from us, too.

I’m still waiting for an update on the location, so I’ll probably give it a couple more days.

All of this just made my anxiety even worse. I’m so mad I can hardly eat or sleep. Panic attacks were waking me up all night. It’s just the last straw, for me. I can’t believe my own family would do such a thing.

The weekend was bad enough, now my week is going horribly.

Tomorrow, I go to my appointment. I pray they can help me. I know they would possibly give me a different medication, but I do think talk therapy would help, tremendously.

Guys, it’s been such a long road. I write this while I’m still feeling the symptoms left over from my year’s worth of panic attacks in one week. I haven’t gotten actual help since I was a teen, so this will be the first time I’ve been to therapy for this severe version of my teen anxiety.

Even after all of this, I still have hope. It might be hanging by a thread, but it’s there.

If any of you, my friends, are having a rough week, I want you to know that you will get through it. You might make it out with nothing but blood, sweat, and tears, but you will make it.

Love you!

P.S: I may not have a featured image for a few posts, because my phone was my only good camera, but not to worry! I will figure something out!


2 thoughts on “Detective Work: Too Much “Law and Order”

  1. My wife has a family full of cons, thieves, and drug lords. This includes her mother and brothers. I don’t know how she got out unscathed. We learned real quick that they would even steal from family. They stole my children’s entire vacation one year. We thought we thief proofed our house enough to allow them a short visit because.. family… They left with 200 from my debit card before we caught it and cancelled it.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is… I’m sorry .. I understand … and I’ll say a prayer.


    1. I am deeply sorry to hear that. Yes, I know exactly how this goes. It is so sad to hear of family doing this to their own kin. But, I know all too well about these family troubles. Thank you for your comment and prayers to you and your family as well!


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