“Zenning” Out

I bought the main supplies for my miniature zen garden. Sand, rocks… well, sand and rocks. I had also found a beautiful sea shell and some plastic flowers just lying around. The only thing I’m missing is a small wooden box to put everything in, my essential oil, and a small rake. Right now, my unscented garden is in a glass platter-like bowl. It’s still pretty, but I would like to have a wooden container. Also, I’m having a hard time finding a rake. Apparently, it’s hard to find one of those around here without ordering online.

All in all, I like my little, mostly-done zen garden. It really gets my mind off of everything I should probably be doing other than playing in a portable sandbox. Even though it’s not completely finished, I still drew patterns in the sand. I had to use the shell, but it still made for a relaxing thirty minutes.

I used white sand. I knew it was be a beautiful contrast against the dark colored stones. It would be the bright mind that I’m aiming for. No darkness in sight. No depression, no anxiety, and no fear.

I used four stones. Three dark gray, and one normal-sand-colored. The one that sticks out, I think of it as me standing out from everyone around me.

I chose the perfect sea shell. It’s the sea. The places I want to visit, someday. The ability to travel beyond the only land I know. The desire to take away the limits I’ve set for myself.

Finally, I chose small, plastic cherry blossoms. I chose something that is beautiful, even though I don’t see an abundance of beauty and positive emotions in my mind, I know it’s there.

That, and plastic flowers can’t die.

I like my little zen garden. Since, I’m still trying to quit smoking, it has helped me to slack up. Amazingly, I went from a whole pack a day to a little under a half a pack. Huge accomplishment for me.

As I was moving around the smooth stones, the strangest thing happened: My mind became clear. It only lasted a few seconds, but I hadn’t experienced a completely clear mind in a while. It was like I knew what I needed to do to change my life.

Unfortunately, my kids came rolling through the door to put a stop to my relaxation, so I had to get up. It was so lovely, though. That moment of clarity gave me motivation to get my life back together.

This zen garden may be the best thing I’ve made in a while.

Now, I need to get the kids to stop busting my door down.

Love you!

Also, I’ll be able to post pictures, again! Yippee!


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