7 Things Your Children See in Your Anxiety

We love our children. We feel bad when they see us down, because we tend to think they don’t know what’s going on. They do, though. They see more than we think.

Children pick up on a lot of things. Swear words are probably not the best thing they learn, but admit it, it is hilarious. That’s why we scold them, then go where they aren’t looking and laugh, right? Or is it just me?

Anyway, my kids are my world. They make me happy, they make me cry, they make me want to pull all of my hair out, but I love them with all of my heart.

As I’ve mentioned, they do see us. Not just see us standing in the middle of the kitchen wondering how we got there, but they see our emotions and they know what goes on. So, I wanted to share with you a few things they see.

  1. They see your anxiety. As much as we may try to hide it, they do know we worry. Whether it be about them, about ourselves, or about anything else, our children can sense our anxiety.
  2. They see your tears. This is probably the most heartbreaking. No matter how hard you hold back your tears, they will still see them before they even fall. My son catches me crying every once in a while. I always give him the same excuse: I have a little cold. I tell him that, so I don’t have to him that Mommy is having a nervous breakdown.
  3. They see your frustration. We get angry or agitated, sometimes. Though we may not throw electronics out the door in front of our kids, they know we are not in a good mood. Sometimes, they might visibly keep their distance, for fear of making it worse. I’ve always heard even babies can sense when you’re frustrated, and that’s why they seem to cry for no reason when you hold them.
  4. They see your relationships. It might be your spouse, your mother, your friends, or even strangers, but our kids do pick up on our social lives. They see when we fight with our significant other. They see who we run to for comfort. They see how we treat people, over all, and that will have an impact on how they interact with others.
  5. They see your effort. They might see a little bit of negativity, but there are positives, too. They see how hard we try. How hard we work for a better life for us and them is something we may not notice, but they acknowledge it. It makes us feel better to know they want to see us succeed, too. Our children want us to be proud of their efforts, just as much as we want them to be proud of ours.
  6. They see our joy. Our kids make us smile. They know we want joy, and they try to make us happy. My kids know when I’m sad, so I often get a lot of hugs and kisses to make it better. They do help the boo-boos to heal, faster!
  7. Most importantly, they see our love for them. They know we love them. They see how we react to their actions. We provide for our children so they have what they need. We take care of them when they are sick. They see us do what we can to make them happy and feel loved, even if we are struggling.

Our kids are so important to us. Often, we forget that they are smarter than they seem. They may be innocent, but what goes on around them does not go unnoticed. We need to remember that they love us through good and bad times.

Just try not to swear in front of them.

Love you!


5 thoughts on “7 Things Your Children See in Your Anxiety

  1. It’s true, Kids see through all our emotions. I feel it’s alright for them to see our vulnerabilities.
    But it’s also true we MUST NOT use an inappropriate word, I go to the extent of saying, you must not use them at all. You see; it’s not just about kids, it’s about us too, we become better individuals when we behave better.
    Thanks for writing this wonderful post.
    I blog about Respectful Parenting too, excited to find another honest blogger.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true! I try to be a better person, but if I get mad or stub my toe I tend to let one slip! I also think it’s okay for them to know we have vulnerabilities because everyone does! But I do forget these things sometimes. Thank you for reading! I’ll be sure to check our your blog!


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