Symptom Poetry: Impending Doom

I can’t see over the horizon
But I feel it.
I don’t know what’s about to happen
But I feel it.
The end is near.
Or, so I feel.
The sun is shining
But it will burn out.
Dusk will never end.
I’m in danger.
I sense the possibilities
None are safe.
I am safe from nothing.
Will I die?
Will I be hurt?
Will the world stop turning?
I feel it.
I feel it in my brain.
My brain is telling me to run.
My mind tells me to flee.
I can’t run.
It will find me
What is about to happen
I can’t run from the end.
It gets closer.
I am doomed.
Backed into a corner.
I’ll panic.
That’s all I can do.
There is no safe haven.
There is no tomorrow.
At least,
That’s what I feel.
Afraid of the unknown.
My unknown.
This is my anxiety.

Love you!


2 thoughts on “Symptom Poetry: Impending Doom

  1. Wow. It is great poetry. Definitely get a feel for the author’s true feelings, which unfortunately aren’t happy ones, but it is great nonetheless. I hope one day you are able to write one about happiness and freedom. Anxiety and depression are real and I pray one day soon the sun will shine and keep on shining for you. šŸ™‚


    1. Thank you for your kind words! I started writing symptom poetry so people could look at each symptom from a different perspective. I thought I would try something New! Thank you for reading!


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