Symptom Poetry: Shortness of Breath

It surrounds me.
Like the hand that chokes me.
Like the bag over my face.
Unseen by eyes,
But there.
I gasp for air.
Struggling for precious breath.
I walk
Searching for an escape.
Breath is shallow
Forced In
Forced out
Exhausted by the labor.
I carry the weight of the world
Only, it’s on my chest.
Crushing my lungs
That are weakened.
A blanket is wrapped around me.
Around my body
Around my face
I can’t break free
From its warm embrace.
Too warm.
I’m in a closed space.
No flowing air
My breath hits the wall
Only to come back.
Limited oxygen
Precious oxygen.
Like my supply has run out.
Like the atmosphere is polluted.
I must slow my breaths.
Form a pattern.
My breath slowly returns.
Only slowly.
This is my shortness of breath.
This is my anxiety.

Love you!


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