Symptom Poetry: Heart Palpitations

I’ve not been running.
I’ve not been walking.
No activity, have I been doing.
But it happens.
The beating of my heart.
It skipped!
This is not my normal heartbeat.
I feel the wings of a butterfly
Softly fluttering in my chest.
Trying to make its escape.
Just like it came,
It went.
Lasting only seconds,
But that flutter
I am in fear.
One of my most vital organs
Is there danger to it?
Do I need a doctor?
Heart attack
What are the rest of the symptoms?
My heart is healthy
But this pounding is abnormal.
Even at rest
It is the worst
Why must I be afraid?
Mostly confused.
Heart attack
Anxiety attack
Is it not the same?
Do I not suffer either way?
This is my strange heartbeat.
This is my anxiety

Love you!


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