Friday Update: Week 1

Start weight: 204 lbs
Current weight: 205 lbs
Goal weight: 160 lbs

Here it is! First update!

I’m not going to lie, it has been rough. I want to start with my smoking progress. Tuesday (the 1st and my quit date), I managed to go all the way until 1pm without a cigarette. I know I said I was going to put them down completely, and I feel like I’ve failed you guys. Not all is lost, though. Since then, I have went from smoking an entire pack (twenty cigarettes), to only 5-7 a day. Quitting cold turkey is devastating, apparently.

I can feel the impact, too. The good thing is that I can definitely see a difference with my breathing. It’s a little bit easier to catch my breath. The bad, though, is that I had gotten used to smoking so much a day, and my body is craving more. Especially, in the mornings when I have my coffee. It’s affecting my anxiety and emotions, for sure. I stay angry and nervous. I have to ignore my cravings when they pop up every thirty minutes. I try not to even smoke the 5-7. Can you even have withdrawals without completely quitting? I didn’t think you could, but its definitely something I’m thinking about, now.

Alright, onto my activity. Because of my wrecked emotions, I haven’t been able to establish a routine exercise plan, like I’d hoped. I barely want to get out of bed. I have been a little more active, though. Walking around more, chasing the kids around, and the baby has started crawling, so I get to constantly follow him.

My eating habits have somewhat changed. I am proud to say, that instead of eating one large meal a day, I’ve begun eating smaller ones throughout the day. I’m thinking that’s why I gained that pound, but it’s better than not eating correctly, right?

Needless to say, I’ve been off to a rocky start. Well, less rocky and more mountain-y. Once I can get my nicotine situation under control, I think the rest will be easier. I won’t give up! I said I was going to change, and I will! School starts next week, so I’ll definitely be more active, then. Hopefully, I can set an exercise routine.

I’ll see you guys, next Friday, for another update!

Love you!


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