Anxiety Runs in the Family

There seems to be a question that is pretty argumentative. I was curious, though.

Can anxiety be hereditary?

I’ve had a few conversations with a couple of different family members and they all tell me that several people in our family take antidepressants and/or anxiety medication. A few have told me they had pretty bad panic attacks when they were around my age. It was both sides of my family.

This seemed to confirm my suspicions. I thought maybe it was that simple. “Oh, I’m a constant nervous wreck because I inherited all the bad genes.”

Of course, I wanted to really look into it.

So, doing some light Google searching, I found that some say it is not hereditary, and some say it is. Others, are not really sure. There seems to be a common factor in all their research, though: A missing link (of course it is).

I, reading all of this, attempted to put together something that makes sense. Maybe, anxiety isn’t directly passed down, but instead some of the genes that are, can cause anxiety to form.

This is my little opinion, but what we inherit from our family might be some cause for anxiety. However, only to a certain degree. I do think it affects mental illness slightly, but environment plays a larger role. The way we are raised, the people around us, events, and even class can be a cause of a diagnosis of anxiety/depression. I’m sure most parents raise their children the same way their parents raised them, right?

What we inherit though, is probably just subtle. I believe we can inherit our tempers, personality traits, and other things that can contribute to our anxiety, not necessarily cause it.

Buuut, it’s not like I have a degree in psychology. So, don’t say my information is accurate. I’m just saying my little piece. Anxiety could be hereditary, or it could just be environment.

Whatever the case, I should still thank my family for all of their bad blood and what’s left of my sanity. (Just kidding guys, I love you!)

What do you guys think?

Love you!


One thought on “Anxiety Runs in the Family

  1. I do wonder if we inherit coping mechanisms. Perhaps when we get wonky ones, we aren’t able to navigate life too well, and anxiety overwhelms us? Who knows? πŸ™‚ Just thankful for people who understand anxiety and so we know we’re never alone. πŸ™‚


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