What a Crazy Week is Made of

First, I want to say, my heart goes out to the residents of Houston, Texas and everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Guys, please say a short prayer for the families who were devastated by this catastrophe. Though I’ve had a crazy week, there are others who have had worse than me. Please, remember those who were lost or injured. Pray, their families get relief.

As you may have read in the title, my week has been a little crazy. I apologize for my short absence. There’s been a little stomach bug going around. I say little, but (TMI) having what you just ate come out of both ends is not really a “little” setback. The slight queasiness started a couple of days ago, but yesterday, it really hit me. I was playing a new game I downloaded (Gardenscapes, if you must know), when I had this sudden, awful pain in my stomach. I slung my phone on my bed and stumbled into the kitchen. My limbs became weak, and I felt like I was about to pass out. I could barely feed the baby his baby food. Just looking at that stuff made me sick.

If you have never had a stomach virus, you are lucky. I haven’t had one this bad in a couple of years, so the sudden wave of pain and nausea kind of startled me. I thought it was just the grits I had eaten for breakfast. Side note: If you’re ever in my town, do not get grits from a gas station.

Anyway, I threw myself out the front door and on the porch, where the day’s breakfast became part of the lawn decorations. I. Hate. Throwing up. Fun fact about me, if I feel nauseous, I will hold that mess down until I absolutely cannot hold it down, any longer.

I feel a little better, today, but I still think I should stay near a bathroom.

Sunday, I still went shopping. Dillon had taken Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday off, so we decided to spend the day together. My inner redneck came out, as we toured the local Bass Pro Shop. All that camo? I was in Heaven. Also, we went to the Canvender’s Western Wear, next door. I almost broke down crying for a pair of boots that I wanted. I’ll remember this store when my birthday comes around.

Even though Dillon and I got over it, quickly, we had a short marital spat. I blamed him to his face (because it’s what women do, let’s face it), but I admit to you guys, it was probably, mostly my fault. Probably. I get emotional sometimes, and I get angry when he isn’t near me during these times. Basically, if I need a hug, he better not be anywhere that I’m not.

I think I’ll create an app. “The Hug Pager”. Every time you need a hug from your spouse, just push a button. They should come, running.

Maybe not, but you know what I mean.

To top off the insanity, I lost my other flip flop. Thankfully, I had another one. Too bad it’s a different color. Looks like I have new house shoes.

So, yeah, this week has been pretty exciting. I started a GED class, last Thursday. I was going to save that for the Friday Update, but I couldn’t get around to doing it (sorry, again). I will put details in this weeks update.

I hope you guys had a better week than I did.

Love you!


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