Just Talk About It

I’ve learned some stuff in my absence, last week.

First, I learned that if you don’t seal the window around an A.C unit, caterpillars will find their way into your bedroom.

Second, I learned that I am the only one who doesn’t get the good Snapchat filters.

Finally, I learned that communication is everything.

Ladies, it might be fun to throw subtle hints and watch your husband squirm, trying to figure out what’s wrong with you, but there’s a slim chance he will find the root of the problem that way. It’s frustrating for both of you. Like most married couples, Dillon and I tend to argue. Okay, we argue a lot. Last week, he finally told me something that pretty much put me in my place.

“You don’t have to drag this out. Just tell me what the problem is. Be forward with me so we can fix whatever it is.” He said. To be honest, I was kind of shocked. Be forward? What does that mean? So, I tried to follow this strange strategy. Wow, he was right!

*Que thousands of women gasping because their “She said he was right” senses started tingling.*

No, it really did help to just get the problem out. I told him what was bothering me, we talked it out, came up with the best solution we could, and made up pretty quickly. Easier than playing riddle-me-this.

It’s not just your spouse, though. Communication is good for any relationship. Not only to build that relationship, but talking about it can take a load off your shoulders. They are there for that reason.

  • Communicate with your spouse.
  • Communicate with your friends and family.
  • Communicate with your kids. They need guidance, too.
  • Communicate with doctors, therapists, customer service representatives, etc.

Even strangers need a “hello” or “how are you?” sometimes. You might even help them get through the day.

Remember: communicate, solve the problem, and seal your A.C units.

Love you!



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